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Interview mit Peter Jordan,
General Manager WIR-Records

  Peter Jordan, over the last few decades you have made your name as a successful man in the music industry. You are a musician, producer, publisher and composer. What is the latest on WIR Records?

Well, we started this label in the 80s and over time a tightly knit international team has come into being. I am very proud of this fact and enjoy that these are people who work together towards a common goal can boast some successes.

How would you define success?

I believe there are two kinds of success. One is obviously money, the other your reputation. Famous artists are not all equally rich and on the other hand all those who have plenty of money do not necessarily have a good reputation. I explicitly am not talking about fame, because fame can be attained relatively quickly. But a good reputation it is not by a far cry. That requires a lot of quality behind the scenes as well.

How exactly do you work?

Well, to start off with there is a number of basics one has to be familiar with. Marketing. That means in which corner of the market an artist has chances and at the same time recognize his or her potential. What are their strengths? Following on from that it is much easier to find the right songs the artist can interpret and play well. This makes the arranger's work much easier as well because he or she can find the right arrangement for the song.

What is your and your team's next step?

We talk about it with the artists so that they, too, understand a little about the industry. It is not about one song only but often about a project and what they can expect from themselves and the management throughout the course of the project. This requires close cooperation and know-how, of course – all of which they have to understand as well. An example: I've got a house and would like to build it somewhere. I have to know where it will fit in and whether I feel comfortable there.

So you are the architect behind the artists' success, something you have proven in the past more than once. Where does the future for WIR Records lie?

Well, the past goes to show that with quality, creativity and continuity we managed to achieve everything we have achieved. And that always bodes well for the future, especially if the business is run properly and if the people listen to those who know the industry.

Mr. Jordan, thank you for your time and we wish you and your WIR Records team all the best for the future.

Thank you.
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